Our passion for Field Hockey!

Our love for field hockey goes back many years. Although I personally started paying Football and Cricket during my school and college years, the interest in hockey came via a coincidence. I watched a hockey game being played in Sharjah and drove past the open ground on many occasions, on my way back from work.

One day I decided to stop and parked my car and continued watching a game, which looked very competitive but hostile. I said to myself, not too late to learn something new and came out and asked the boys if I could practice with them, the next time they have a game. The problem was, I had no gear. So, off I went to get myself a stick and shin pads and there I was ready to embark on a new sporting adventure.

20 years later, my passion for this game has overtaken every other sport. I was a better football player but I enjoyed hockey a lot more. Everyone wanted to teach me a new skill and I was soon making new friends and discovering a new family that I never saw in another sport!

Now I have run this club for over 15 years. Some of us have aged substantially but that competitive spirit still binds us strong. We have played in parking lots, clay grounds and you name it...

The King Khan Hockey Club has won games and hearts wherever we have gone. You will see from the image gallery and from the videos on our site, that there is so much more that we do as a team. It is this love, that has made us different from everyone else. We are a true family and I sincerely hope that our children now take up the sport and continue playing this lovely sport for years to come.